Leggings are Not Pants, or Are They?

Leggings are Not Pants, or Are They?

Posted by OnlyLeggings.com CEO Danny Alex on 29th May 2017

At OnlyLeggings.com, we have always been perplexed at some people who refer to leggings as not being pants.  Can we ask the questions; are boots shoes?  Is a skirt a dress?  Is a beanie a hat?  The very statement "Leggings are not pants" is like saying sneakers are not shoes.  There are hundreds or different styles of leggings and many of these styles take the form of, what many would traditionally define as, pants.

To truly answer the question, "Are leggings pants?", we first have to accurately define the word "pant".  Merriam-Webster defines the word pants as:

"An outer garment covering each leg separately and usually extending from the waist to the ankle - usually used in plural"

The Urban Dictionary defines "Pants" as:

"A bifurcated outer garment covering the body and each leg from waist to ankle. Until the late 20th century traditionally a male garment."

So lets take these two definitions and determine if leggings are or are not, pants.  From Merriam-Websters definition we would have to deduce that leggings are indeed pants.  Leggings cover each leg separately and they cover from waist to ankle.  These are the two conditions that Merriam-Webster use to define the word "pants".  

If we look at the Urban Dictionary's definition, we see virtually the exact same definition.  Leggings are an outer garment that cover each leg from waist to ankle.  Based on their definition, leggings are indeed pants.

So we have determine that based on the literal definitions of the word "pants", leggings are indeed pants.  If this is a matter of fact then someone who determines that leggings are NOT pants must be basing this determination based on some sort of emotional or personally based bias.  The fact is, some people are conservative in their wardrobe choices and some people are very liberal in their wardrobe choices.  People who are in the more traditional and conservative idiom of society are the ones who are most probably going to argue that leggings are not pants and liberals to their contrary.  It becomes opinion at this point and arguing opinion is like arguing which color is better, blue or green.  You will never come to an answer as arguing opinion never has an outcome that has a measurable winner, it is opinion therefore both people will always be right.

Another point we like to make at OnlyLeggings.com as to whether leggings are pants is to examine the entire range of women's fashion and make some comparisons.  It could be argued that a pair of shorts is significantly more revealing than a pair basic black leggings for example as is a short mini skirt as are most bodycon dresses.  Bodycon dresses cut above the knee contour he body and expose a significant amount of skin.  Are bodycon dresses really dresses?  Are people offended when a woman walks by in a pair of shorts? or a mini skirt? A tight pair of jeans?

The very statement "Leggings are not pants" strikes us as being as ridiculous as making any other comparison between one style of women's fashion to another.  Since we have determine that by definition, leggings are pants, it then becomes an argument based on opinion and since you cannot argue opinion, we suggest that those who think leggings are not pants just get over it and move on!

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