Why are Bodysuits Sexy?

Why are women dressing up in sexy bodysuits, jumpsuits and catsuits? There are many reasons why from versatility, functionality, a new sexy look and more. Bodysuits are a new fashion trend that women are enjoying. They are also referred to as jumpsuits, jumpers and catsuits. Whatever you want to call them, the number of new styles and colors are a fashion phenomenon that isn’t going away anytime soon.  We are at the forefront of this fast emerging fashion trend and offer some of the most sassy and fashion forward styles available today. Let’s take a look at why bodysuits are becoming such a large fashion trend.

Bodysuits Are Versatile

One of the biggest reasons women are loving their bodysuits, jumpsuits and catsuits is because of their versatility. Bodysuits cover most of the body and it is easy to accessorize and dress them up in any number of ways. Women can put on their bodysuits in the morning and dress them up in a light jacket and any number of shoes. Heeled shoes and flats can work with almost any bodysuit. As well, as the day goes on, it is simple enough to remove your jacket and still be dress fine, sassy and sexy as the full body look is a very eye inspiring look. You can dress up bodysuits with long flowing tops, sheer tops and even simple t-shirts. The mix and match possibilities are endless and is only limited by your imagination.

Bring Out a New You

Have you ever seen another woman walking down the street and thought, “I want that look?” Women are finding a whole new idiom of fashion when it comes to adding bodysuits, jumpsuits and catsuits to their wardrobe.  Bodysuits, jumpsuits and catsuits offer a whole new world of sassy fashion ideas for women and they do so by showing off your body in one long elongated piece of fashion expression. If you are looking for a new way to bring out the fashionista inside of you then a bodysuit or jumpsuit may be the perfect addition to your fashion wardrobe. 

Elongate Your Body By Slimming Your Entire Figure

Bodysuits, jumpsuits and catsuits have the distinction of being the one fashion garment that truly elongates and shapes your body like none other. They do this with the full body coverage of the jumpsuit that convinces the eye that your body is a long one piece visual. The majority of what we see is a separate top and a separate bottom that, by default, breaks up your body into two distinct portions allowing for visual discrimination of each half.  A bodysuit’s slimming and trimming affect can be made even more so by using different colors and accents in the actual fabric design that adds that extra fashion expression in the garment. The bodysuit fashion trend is real and it is for reasons that make practical sense to women. Which woman does not want that long curvy look?

Keep it Simple

When we get dressed in the morning, it can be a chore sometimes trying to find that mix and match outfit with your top and bottom. Well, not with bodysuits. A bodysuit keeps it all simple by giving your body one full fashion piece that sets off your entire look for the day. The simplicity of a one piece fashion forward garment is a treat for women when getting dresses up for the day. Bodysuits, jumpers and catsuits can also add an edgy fashion component to your wardrobe while making fashion simple and uniform. 


As women we want a great fashion look with versatility and comfort in mind.  These are huge factors for women in choosing to dress up in a bodysuit, jumpsuit or catsuit.  Bodysuits have the extreme comfort factor without giving up any fashion sense whatsoever. Imagine feeling wonderful and stylish all day long and maintaining that ultra comfortable feel.  Bodysuits give women options that they did not have just a few years ago and that is why so many women are choosing them as their new fashion addition to their wardrobe.



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