Size Charts

Leggings generally come in two sizing structures; Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL, and 3XL and then in a One size fit.  For one size, the typical sizing recommendations are sizes 0 - 10 (fits most size 12 as well) for regular one size and 12 - 22 for a plus size one size.  For leggings that come in a multi-size, use our sizing chart below that best defines what size you fit in to. One rule of thumb to remember is that coated leggings such as the shiny metallic leggings will generally have less stretch than faux leather leggings or even our basic nylon leggings that are the most easy to fit because of their unhindered stretch. 

Leggings Size Chart
REMEMEBER:  Coated leggings such as the metallic will generally have less stretch than our basic nylon, polyester or cotton. Anytime a legging or tight is coated it will generally have less stretch as the coating inhibits the natural flow of the fabric.

One Size Fitting

Typical One size sizing recommendations are sizes 0 - 10 for most regular one size products and size 12 - 22 for most plus size one size products.  Body style and type can have a huge impact on whether the fit is going to be good for you.  If you are heavier in the booty area then you may have to temper your expectations.  We strongly recommend that you use the model's size and measurements as your best guide.