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Buying Women's Leggings Online

Since the emergence of the internet 20 years ago, women have enjoyed an entirely new way of shopping for fashion merchandise.  The growth of online shopping has created a wonderful new way for women to choose from literally hundreds of retailers that would not have been available in the traditional brick and mortar shopping world.  Today, it has become easy to buy women's leggings online and OnlyLeggings.com has become the premier online retailer on women's leg fashion.  By offering only there very best in women's leg fashion at affordable prices, OnlyLeggings.com has become the world's largest online retailer of women's leg fashion and its a title that we take very seriously because making sure you look amazing is important to us!

If You Look Amazing, We Look Amazing

It may sound like a simple concept but all too often, online retailers miss the most important goal of fashion; making you look amazing!  That is a basic philosophy we utilize in creating our collection.  With every leg fashion piece we add, the quaetion has to be"Will this fashion piece make a woman look amazing?".  The answer has to be yes and if it is, it is a candidate for our collection.  All too often, online retailers think that can offer sub standard merchadise and think it will be satisfactory because of the fact that shopping online does not allow you, the customer, to touch, feel and try the garment before you purchase it.  NO!  Only Leggings believes that it is our responsibility to ensure that each legging and leg fashion piece be something that will spice up and make your legs look amazing.  Thats what fashion is supposed to do.  Pick you up and make you shine on any given day.

How to Buy Online

Yes, it is important to know a few things before you make any online purchase.  Here is a good list to ensure that you have a wonderful online experience:

1.  Ensure there is a Verifiable Address Displayed for the Online Retailer

This is very important because anyone who is trying to hide their physical location should be considered suspect.

2.  USA and Canadian Retailers are Better

Why?  This is because the USA and Canadian Governments are uniform in their laws dictating online purchases not only through customer rights but also the banking system.  Note: European, Australian (Including New Zealand) online retailers also tend to have a very strong banking and ecommerce infrastructure as well.

3.  Stay Away from Asia Based Retailers  

We mention this for a few reason.  First, the delivery times can be up to 8-10 weeks.  Secondly, you do not have the legal rights inherent in their banking system as compared to North America.  Third, do you really know who you are dealing with?  In North America, you can take action and there is accountability required in ecommerce transactions in the USA and Canada.  This is not so in many Asian countries.  

4.  Ensure that the Online Retailer Uses HTTPS

HTTPS is basically a protocol that tells you that the retailer is using an encrypyed server and process to transact your purchase.  When you are checking out at the "Checkout" stage, ensure that there is an "HTTPS" at the front of the url.  If there is only an "HTTP", do not purchase.

5.  Read the Company's Privacy Policy

Reputable companies will be very open about how they collect data and us it.  A Company's Privacy Policy should clearly spell out how they use your information and its treatment. Ensure that a Company only uses your information in conjunction with thrid parties for transacting your purchase (i.e. Authorize.net, PayPal etc.), and at most, emailing you deals directly and only from their website.  Also ensure there is an EASY unsubscribe on each email so you can remove yourself at anytime.

6.  Does the Online Retailer Store Your Credit Card Information?

Only Leggings does not and never will.  We do not even know what your card number is except for the last 4 digits.  If an online retailer stores all of your personal and credit card information, then your are exposed if their servers are hacked.  We have all heard of so many high profile hacks such as Target and Home Depot.  This is because they store your information on their servers.  Companies such as OnlyLeggings.com that do not store your credit card information make for a much more secure environment.

7.  Ensure You Know the Return and Exchange Policy

When making a purchase ensure you are aware of the return and exchange policy.  One thing to keep in mind, do not fall into the 90 - 365 day return policy trap.  Why you ask?  This is because that the longer it is the better chance that you will forget to return it, lose your receipt, give it away or actually wear it once that just ends up upsetting you because now it cannot be returned.  If you have made online purchases then you are probably know about this.  A 365 day return policy may sound good but the fact is, the longer it is the better chance you will not return it.  Once you know that you do not want it, send it back for an exchange, store credit or refund.  Do not fall into the 365 day return policy trap.

8.  Read the Terms and Conditions

It may sound liike a lot of extra reading but a quick review may signal a red flag.  Its worth a read.

9.  Install a Phishing Filter

There are many phishing filters you can use such as AdAware, Avast!, Kapersky and more.  These are wonderful in helping protect you from phishing sites by warning you when it detects a distrustful website.

10.  Enter Your Email Correctly and Have a Seperate One for Online Purchases

When you make an online purchase, the retailer will send you valuable information about your purchase such as your receipt and when your order is shipped.  Its also a great idea to have a separate email that you use specifically for online purchases.

11.  NEVER Enter Any Personal Information from an Email from a Retailer

This is so important and goes for any email you receive.  reputable online retailers will NEVER send you an email and request personal information so NEVER do it or give it out except for when you are on a retailer's website and there is an HTTPS prefix on the url.

12.  Ensure there is a Customer Service Phone Number and Email

Reputable Companies want you to contact them if you have a question.  They should be display prominently and should also be a "Customer Service" page with all of the online retailer's information.  BEWARE of offshore retailers with North American phone numbers.  It is better to be safe than sorry.

13.  Review Any an All Extra Charges; Shipping, Handling Etc

Does the online retailer have a handling charge?  How much is the shipping?  Are there extra charges?  Make sure that the online retailer is 100% transparent in what they charge you.  OnlyLeggings.com uses flat rate shipping for all orders and there is NEVER a handling charge.

14.  Yes, ALL International Orders Have Extra Duty and Custom Charges

If you are in Europe ordering from the USA, EVERY country will have extra charges when your package enters your country.  NOTE:  This is beyond any online retailer's control as it is your Country's laws and import rules that govern this.  You MUST expect additional charges if your order is from outside of your home country.

15.  International Orders Always Take Longer

Yes, this is true and you must expect it.  There can be delays associated with Customs and Duty, weather, the exchange between the two different post offices in each country, larger distances, etc.  It is safe to add 1-2 weeks of extra travel time if you place an international order.

16.  Be Aware of Currency Conversion Rates

If your home currency is lower than the US Dollar when you place your order, it will cost you more of your own home currency dollars than what is displayed in US dollar terms.  It is just something to keep in mind and not to have it surprise you on your credit card statement.






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