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Basic Leggings Keep it Fresh

There are so many different types of leggings for women that you can buy today and at prices that are absolutely fabulous, especially when compared to other women's leg fashion options like dresses and denim jeans that can be priced three, four or even five times more than leggings and then some.

So You Feel Your Women's Fashion Wardrobe is Getting Stale? What Do I Do?

ANSWER: Try some basic leggings and see how many options open up for you!

It is so true. Basic leggings can be one of the most easiest and refreshing ways of bringing new life to your fashion wardrobe. They come in three fabric types; cotton, rayon and seamless.  Cotton leggings and basic seamless leg fashion come in virtually every color you can imagine, so spicing up all of your tops with different colors of basic leggings is going to create amazing new combinations for you.  Perhaps the best thing is that basic leggings, such as cotton and seamless, are usually inexpensive but yet you can get very high quality cotton leggings at a great price.

I Have Tons of Very Expressive and Colorful Tops, What Should I Do?

ANSWER: Basic Leggings

If you are one of those women who has a very extensive selection of fashion tops that needs to find new life, then adding some basic leggings is going to open up your wardrobe like you never thought possible. With so many different styles, colors and textures available, you will be able to find hundreds of new outfit ideas with only a few pairs of basic leggings in your closet and you will most certainly spend much less than $100.00 doing it. You can get them in both solid colors and mixed designs. You can also get some with a lace up front or lace up sides or even with a slight basic pattern to set off a certain color in your fashion wardrobe. You can wear basic leggings with a skirt, shorts or even a knee high dress. There are so many ideas that your imagination is the only thing that will limit you. Basic are very important part of you fashion wardrobe and you should not under estimate their fashion relevance.

So What Are Some Specific Idea With Basic Leggings?

Basic Leggings as a Stand Alone Bottom: Oh yes! Everything from basic cotton leggings to spandex, seamless or even a harem leggings are a great way to add life to your wardrobe. Do no limit yourself. Every basic legging you own does not have to be skin tight. You can wear baggy harem leggings or women's joggers as a change of pace or a slightly baggy look. Either way, basic leggings are a fantastic stand alone bottom.

Basic Leggings and a Skirt: This is a wonderful women's fashion look. There are even some leggings that come with an attached skirt as well. Mixing and matching a basic legging with a different shade of skirt, texture or even different color all together, will give you a sexy yet conservative look. Play around with your skirt selection and some new basics to see how many combos come out looking great.

Basic Leggings and Shorts: This is a very sexy look that can be achieved so easily. You can use denim shorts, colored cotton shorts or any other sexy women's shorts to create an all new fashion look that you have never thought of. This will open your wardrobe up in a very big way and even let you wear your shorts year round! Shorts are no longer a seasonal women's fashion bottom because basic leggings can bring them back to life in the middle of winter!

Basic Leggings are Always in Style

One of the best things about a pair of basic black leggings is that they are never out of style. You will never go wrong with having a fablous selection in your fashion wardrobe. Basic cotton leggings come in great colors such as purple, navy, charcoal and so much more. The fact is, spending $10 or $15 on high quality basic leggings will never go to waste. You can always wear them on those nights at home when you want to curl up with a great book.



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