Does Only Leggings Offer Free Shipping?

Yes we do, we offer free shipping anywhere in the United States on orders $40 or more.  We strongly feel that shopping at Only Leggings should be enjoyable and free from any surprises.  That is why you can be assured that when you purchase from Only Leggings, you know that there will be no unpleasant surprises when you check out your order.  We also offer additional premium shipping services such as 2-Day Priority.

How Long Does it Take for My Order to Arrive?

Virtually all orders go out same day when placed before 2:30 PM Pacific time.  USPS shipping to most major US cities takes 6-8 business days or less.  Making sure you get your order as soon as possible is very important to us as we know that you are excited about getting your new leggings and we are just as excited for you to receive them.  Please note that Only Leggings does not have any control over USPS shipping and USPS does not guarantee delivery within the time frame even though 95%+ packages are delivered on time or sooner.  For guaranteed delivery within a specific time frame, FedEx or UPS is the only form of guaranteed delivery.  It is safe to say that your order will arrive on time with USPS Priority delivery but it is always good to be aware that USPS does not make any guarantees. 

Does FedEx, USPS and UPS Provide Tracking Numbers for My Package?

Yes for FedEx, USPS and UPS and always check your Spam folder if you have not received one.  When you make your purchase at OnlyLeggings.com, we move as fast as we can to pick, pack, quality check and ship your package to you.  Most of the time, this is done the same day you place your order.  Once we ship your order to you, you will get an email directly from Fedex, USPS and/or UPS with regards to your tracking number and specific information so you can track you package on FedEx.com, USPS.com or UPS.com.  If you have any questions you can call customer service at 888-999-8820.

How Long Does it Take OnlyLeggings.com to Process and Ship My Order?

We maintain a "Same day in, Same day out" to 95% of all orders.  We are so committed to this philosophy that we place huge effort on doing this and here is how we do it.

1.  Within 10 minutes of your order being placed it is printed and sent to the Picking Department.

2.  Within 30 minutes, your order is picked and given to the Packing Department.

3.  Within 15 minutes, your order is quality checked for color, size, style and defects.  Once checked and packed, it goes to shipping.

4.  Within 15 minutes, your order is checked for address and shipping instructions, sealed and awaits pickup from either USPS and/or UPS.

5.  Within a few days, you have your amazing leggings!

I am Getting an Error Message or I cannot Get My Order to Go Through?

This happens very rarely and is usually a result of an outdated internet browser or a cache problem on your computer.  We strongly suggest that you use the latest version of Google Chrome for viewing OnlyLeggings.com.  Our website works perfectly on Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer as well but we urge you to check to make sure you have the latest version of your browser.  If not, go to that browser homepage and download the latest version or better yet, download Google Chrome for the most reliable viewing.  In other cases, the cache on your computer may be making conflicts with our very strong encryption and safety protocols.  If this is the case, we recommend rebooting your computer and if need be, clearing your cache.  If you are still having problems, contact OnlyLeggings.com customer service at 888-999-8820 or at Support@OnlyLeggings.com.

Can I Return or Exchange Items in My Order?

Yes you can.  You can review our Return Policy as well as our Exchange Policy for any information you would like to know.  We want you to be 100% excited about your OnlyLeggings.com order and we put in place policies designed to ensure that our fashion apparel and policies meet the highest level of ethics, quality and assurance and most of all, your satisfaction.  

How Long Does it Take for My Return to be Processed?

It generally takes 3-5 days for us to issue your refund once we receive your return package.  Please review our Return Policy if you have any questions as to whether your return is applicable.  Once we receive your package, we record, review and inspect all garments.  Once this is completed it is sent to our Accounting Department where your refund is issued to you for all applicable items.  PLEASE NOTE:  It may take your financial institution a number of days for them to actually issue your credit back to your card.  OnlyLeggings.com can do nothing with regards to these delays and you must speak directly with your financial institution if this occurs.

How does OnlyLeggings.com use my personal information?

Under no circumstances doe we EVER share any of your personal information with any unrelated third party for any reason unless compelled to do so under court of law/order or in relation to fulfilling and completing your order. OnlyLeggings.com will never sell or distribute any of your information to anyone. It is our promise to maintain any customer information in the strictest of confidence. Third parties that we do share information with for the completion of your order are VISA, American Express, Authorize.net, PayPal and any such related company that provides financial services and that maintain the highest level of security and ethics.

Does OnlyLeggings.com store my credit card information?

Never! We do not store your credit card information in any way. We only use the last four digits of your card number for order reference in our system. When you place your order with Only Leggings, our system talks directly with Authorize.net (Owned by Visa Corporation) and passes information directly to them in the most secure and encrypted manner as required by the Visa Corporation. You will notice that even when you are logged in to Only Leggings account, you must always enter your credit card information when placing subsequent orders. That is because we do not store your sensitive financial information.  We strongly feel that by not storing your credit card information that your shopping experience is made significantly more secure and safe.  Enjoy shopping OnlyLeggings.com in the most secure environment!





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