About Faux Leather Leggings

When it comes to women's leg fashion, faux leather leggings can be some of the most sexy looks and styles you can get for your fashion wardrobe. Authentic leather will cost up to 10 times more so faux leather tends to be a much more popular choice and versatile. Many women say that wearing a pair gives them a more sassy and provocative personality. Confidence and sex appeal is what these leg pieces convey and having a pair for those occasions that warrant them is always a good idea.

Faux Leather Keeps it Edgy

Leggings can sometime be more about feeling sexy than anything else. As women, we want to feel appealing and feminine and faux leather can be that perfect way to get into an edgy mood from time to time. Do not be afraid to take the leap into owning a pair for those times where you think you may want that specific fashion look. If you want a more conservative, a pair of matte black faux leather can be the perfect piece when you mix and match with more refined and conservative tops as they give you a subtle sexy look in a refined way. Match your top accordingly and you can have that perfect look that will have the room a buzz. If you want to be more adventurous then grab a pair of shiny pair. The shine gives a more latex kind of look which typically add to the sexy factor to the leg piece. What ever your style, you should never feel that faux leather leggings cannot be a part of your fashion wardrobe.

Black Faux Leather Can Be Very Stylish

Accessorizing with the right kind of top can turn them into a unique fashion style. Wearing a longer basic top can keep things in a very conservative tone with the sexy added in as an undertone. Make the top simple and longer where it covers your buttocks and the look can be very stunning without being overly sexy. Mix and match and see what style works with your current wardrobe.


Metallic and faux leather fabrics can lose some of their stretch because of the coating applied to the fabric. You will find that the metallic or liquid coating, gives somewhat less stretch as compared to a basic cotton or nylon. Check out our sizing chart but consider that there will be about 20% less stretch.  Faux leather generally lose about 20% of their stretch due to the coating which tends not to be a big deal as the inherent stretch in metallic and liquid coating.

Do Not Over-Spend

With faux leather leggings, many retailers feel they can charge more because of the look and seemingly more expensive manufacture of the leg piece but this is not the case. We generally keep all of our faux leather styles well below $35.00 and there is no reason you need to pay more. Shop around but do not spend more than you need to. It is better to keep your money in your pocket than theirs.

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