What use to be called workout leggings or sport leggings are now often referred to as athleisure wear in today's world of fashion.  It is the introduction of workout and yoga leggings as an everyday fashion choice that has created a whole new category for women who want to have an ultra comfortable and great looking choice for new outfit ideas.  How did activewear make its way into our everyday fashion?  How did it become mainstream and everyday fashion?  Well, we have a few thoughts on this.

It was about 20 years ago that we saw the onslaught of all new fashion brands that were specifically attaching themselves to the massive growth in fitness and lifestyle of yoga.  Not only was yoga becoming a lifestyle choice, it was now developing within it its own fashion style as well.  This was also exemplified in the huge Brazilian activewear craze that was, to a large degree, one of the defining fashion influences that helped pave the way for the athleisure fashion category.  These two influences had a huge impact and influence in activewear becoming an accepted casual fashion category.

With the massive growth of the yoga lifestyle, a number of yoga inspired fashion brands made their way to the forefront of the average women's fashion radar.  Brands such as Lululemon, Lucy's, Nike as well as a number of sexy inspired Brazilian brands, started to see huge growth in the late 1990's.  This trend was so ubiquitous by the early 2000's that virtually every major clothing brand introduced its own yoga inspired workout leggings and fashion.  The reality of this fashion trend was that it not only provided women with a whole new set of outfit choices, but it also matched the healthier lifestyle that millions of women were beginning to attach themselves to.  

This growing lifestyle and fashion trend began to gain even more traction with the explosion of social media.  Now women were able to explore new athleisure choices through imagery and online content that matched their new healthy lifestyles.  New fabrics with 360 degree stretch and natural moisture wicking were introduced that not only had fabulous sassy styling but a level of comfort that was unmatched by any previous fashion trends.  Women now had everything they ever wanted in a fashion piece; amazing style, amazing comfort, durability, versatility and a quick and easy way to create great looking and dynamic outfits.  

The clothes matched the lifestyle and soon millions of women were wearing workout clothes as part of their normal wardrobe choices.  Workout and yoga leggings have become its own fashion category and its called athleisure.  It is a fashion style that matches the healthy lifestyle whether it is yoga, going to the gym for weight training or everyday running.  Sportswear now had a distinct fashion look and women continue to accept it and include it in their everyday fashion wardrobe.

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