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  • USA Cotton Full Length Leggings
  • USA Cotton Full Length Leggings
  • USA Cotton Full Length Leggings
  • USA Cotton Full Length Leggings
  • USA Cotton Full Length Leggings
  • USA Cotton Full Length Leggings
  • USA Cotton Full Length Leggings
  • USA Cotton Full Length Leggings
  • USA Cotton Full Length Leggings
  • USA Cotton Full Length Leggings
  • USA Cotton Full Length Leggings
  • USA Cotton Full Length Leggings
  • USA Cotton Full Length Leggings
  • USA Cotton Full Length Leggings
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  • USA Cotton Full Length Leggings
  • Made in the USA Cotton Full Length Leggings
  • Made in the USA Cotton Full Length Leggings

USA Cotton Full Length Leggings

Our Price: $18.00

USA Cotton Full Length Leggings

The model is 5'10" and 119 lbs and is wearing a small

Buy 2 or more and save $2.00 per USA Cotton Full Length Legging

Imagine the very best fitting cotton basics on your legs and torso because that is what you get with our amazing Made in the USA Cotton Leggings.  These full length cotton leggings are made in the USA and will be the very best fitting and feeling leggings in your casual clothing wardrobe. These basic leggings have an ultra comfortable waistband and fit wonderfully all around your body from toes to your waist.  As far as fashion goes, these are a must have basic legging for your collection for year round wear.  

- Made in USA
- Medium Rise Comfort Waist
- Amazing Fit and Ideal Cotton Weight
- Ultra Comfort Elastic Waist
- Full Length
- 30 to 32.0 Inches Depending on Size
- 95% Cotton 5% Spandex
- Machine Wash or Hand Wash

Fabric Care

Caring For Your Women's Fashion

General Rules When Caring for Fabric

  • Remember, women's fashion fabrics tend to be delicate so use tender loving care when washing or ironing.
  • Remember, the hotter the more harmful. Whether it is water, air or an iron, heat is the enemy of fabric and will erode the fibers much faster.
  • Remember, hand wash is better than machine wash, cold water is better than warm water, hang dry is better than warm tumble dry, steaming is better than ironing.
  • Remember, if you always dry your clothes on the very warm tumble dry setting, STOP! You are destroying your clothes at 3 times the rate!
  • Remember, wash colors with colors, darks with darks and whites with whites to prevent color bleading and fabric discolorations.
  • Remember, do not overuse detergent. Using too much detergent can erode the fabric of your clothes much faster.
  • Remember, remove your clothes from the washer as soon as possible. Wet clothes can transfer color if allowed to sit too long.
  • Remember, pre-treat stains with detergent or a stain remover to enhance stain removal effectivness.

Fabric Care Hints

  • Steaming your clothes is much better than using an extremely warm metal iron. Consider buying a steamer to remove wrinkles instead.
  • Tumble dry on delicate till your clothes are damp and finish with a hang dry. The hotter the tumble dry, the faster your fabric fibers erode.
  • Try hand washing your delicates instead of machine wash. Helpful hand washing hints can be found all over the internet.
  • Refresh your clothes not wash. You do not need to wash your clothes everytime after only one wear. When you wash your clothes, fabric fibers are slowly eroded. Washing and drying is the enemy of fabric. The less you wash the longer they last.
  • Wear deodorant. The sweat from our underarms (Apocrine Sweat) not only carries an offensive smell, but it is also has ammonia and other destructive substances. Controlling your sweat can save your women's clothing!
  • Hang up your clothes after changing and spray with a fabric freshner like Febreeze or any other non-acidic fabric freshner. DO NOT throw them into a pile in the corner because then you will have to wash them.
  • Wash your clothes inside out.
  • When you get a stain on your clothes, pre treat as soon as possible

Cotton Fabrics

Cotton is probably the one fabric where care and careful washing procedures are most important. Cotton is an amazing fabric to wear against your skin but it is also the one fabric that can shrink very easily. Contrary to popular belief, it is not washing in hot or warm water that is the main culprit but rather drying your cotton clothes in a warm or hot cycle in the dryer.

  • Wash in cold or warm water, avoid hot water
  • NEVER tumble dry in warm or hot dryer settings
  • Hang Dry or tumble dry on the cold setting in the dryer
  • It is best to take garments out of the dryer slightly damp and finish hang drying
  • Only bleach white cotton for aggressive stain removal

Non Coated Polyester Fabrics

Polyester (non-coated) is a very durable fabric. Non-coated polyester is generally a soft stretchy fabric. NOTE: Faux leather is a coated polyester. Polyester fabrics can be washed and dried in warm water. Constant drying on the hot cycle in the dryer will make colors fade so use cold or warm water and air when washing. Polyester will generally not shrink.

  • Wash in cold of warm water
  • Dry in normal or warm temperatures
  • Drying on hot may begin to slowly fade colors
  • DO NOT use bleach on colored fabric
  • Hang drying is best to maintain colors

Coated Polyester Fabrics

Coated polyester fabrics include faux leather leggings, metallic leggings or any other garment where another layer has been added over-top of the basic polyester base fabric. The coating on these women’s fashion garments are sensitive. Aggressive washing and drying will ruin the fabric very easily, even in just one wash. Be sure to follow these instructions with every wash.

  • Wash ONLY on the delicate cycle
  • Best to hand wash or professional wash (recommended)
  • DO NOT place in the dryer, ONLY hang dry
  • Garment WILL be ruined in just one wash and dry on hot, AVOID this always

Rayon, Lurex and Viscose Fabrics

Rayon, lurex and viscose fabrics are a similar fabric to cotton but are slightly more resistant to shrinkage. They do tend to be very soft and somewhat fragile so take care in washiing these fabrics. Heat can easily remove the soft quality of these fabrics after only a few washes.

  • Wash in cold or warm water (hot is OK but not every wash)
  • Dry in the warm cycle (hot is ok but not every dry)
  • Try not to bleach as bleach can ruin these soft fabrics.

Product Reviews

  1. Good Product over all

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Feb 2015

    I bought these for my girlfriend and was satisfied overall. As some other reviews stated, they seem to fit a little baggy at the bottom, maybe needing more spandex? The beige color looks more like a brownish gold, but still a nice look, just not exactly what she expected.

  2. As promised and excellent

    Posted by Ellen Regina on 1st Nov 2014

    I'm 5'9" and 130 lbs. I ordered size Medium. They arrived promptly, the colors are as expected, they feel great, they fit perfectly. 10/10 - would shop here again.

  3. Pros and Cons

    Posted by Rowann Gilman on 22nd Oct 2014

    Pros: good fit around waist & tum, very comfy.
    Cons: I like a littlemore Spandex in a legging. Also ever-so-slightly loose in the legs.

  4. Cotton leggs

    Posted by Mary Enos on 13th Aug 2014

    Again, these are great....as mentioned in my review for other items purchased at this site....also forgot to mention...great delivery of products....these folks don't rip you off....I can feel good putting money towards these items unlike the retail store ones....

  5. Comfortable

    Posted by Joyce Brinkley on 21st Jul 2014

    I bought these leggings in three colors: white, charcoal and heather grey. They were the right length and light enough for the summer. I'm really pleased with my purchase.

  6. Comfort and style

    Posted by Karen on 24th May 2014

    Just ordered my first pair and am so glad I did.
    They fit perfectly !!!!
    Have 3 more pairs in my cart
    I ordered size L.
    I am 5'4 and 141 lbs
    The length is perfect,
    and the waist is taut without being tight.
    The fabric is incredibly soft and comfortable,
    and the price fantastic.
    Could not ask for more.
    So glad I found this site.

  7. Great price

    Posted by Gretchin on 29th Apr 2014

    I really like these leggings. I am 5'6", 125 lbs. The medium fits quite well. Length is great. Not too tight. Quite lightweight, almost see through, but should be great for summer.
    I will be sure to follow washing instructions so they will last. Nice that they are made in North America.

  8. Perfect Leggings

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Apr 2014

    I recently discovered this website. I bought one pair just to test the size. Perfect!! So perfect that I bought 3 more pairs!! They feel fantastic against my skin. The colors are beautiful. I just might get a pair of each color. I can't wait.

  9. Great fit

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Mar 2014

    I ordered the medium this time & love the fit, the legs aren't as tight as with the small I ordered previously.

  10. Great length

    Posted by Donna Fountain on 15th Mar 2014

    This is a great length for my 5 ft. 7 in. height & 117 lbs..
    Purchased the medium this time & the legs aren't as tight as they are on the small, so now they're really comfortable.

  11. let it snow!!

    Posted by kelly on 4th Feb 2014

    Let it snow rain. Wind....but staying warm is key! I have purchased several pair of the cotton leggings in a lot of colors. So happy with your color selections too.

    In order for them to remain beautiful, I was gentle in cold water with woo lite and hang dry. I find no fading, pilfering, shrinkage! Just clean and beautiful as the day they arrived.
    Highly recommend my cleaning instructions so you the curious buyer, will have the joyful results as I do.

  12. LOVE the leggings!!!

    Posted by Kat on 30th Jan 2014

    I find myself living in leggings these days. There is not much available in cotton. I am happy with all of the leggings I have purchased. The quality, variety, and fit have been consistently great. I love the prices, and things arrive quickly. I do not bother to comparison shop anymore. This company is the best!!!

  13. perfect in every way

    Posted by Heidi on 4th Jan 2014

    My order came in record time. I live in Hawaii. My order came in less than 3 days. I love the color and am going to order more in other colors. "The large is perfect for me; I am 5 ft 4 inches. They are super comfortable.

  14. Love the length

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Nov 2013

    I'm 5ft 7in, 114 lbs & have struggled to find leggings the length I want, these are fablous for length. The legs are a little tight, but will do. The colors are great too!!
    Am very pleased.

  15. Very Happy!!!!!

    Posted by Patricia C. Russell on 14th Nov 2013

    I love these leggings. I gave them a 5 start rating even though they are a bit long. That is my problem for being so short. Order came quickly and promptly. Faster than I thought they would. The fabric is very soft and comfortable. I will probably order again from this site. I am very pleased.

  16. pleased!!

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Nov 2013

    The only reason I didn't give this product a full 5 stars is because they definitely run a little small. I usually wear a medium in leggings and yes they fit but a little snugger than I'm used to. My shipment came two or three days after I ordered them and that never happens. Props to this site for a fast delivery! Will definitely continue ordering from this site.

  17. Finally! Comfy and affordable.

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Sep 2013

    I've been looking for comfortable, cotton leggings forever. I'm 5'4" and 140 lbs., with an athletic build. These fit my "bubble butt" and muscular calves and thighs in a medium without feeling too tight. Finally!

  18. Nice fit and comfortable to wear

    Posted by Melody on 9th Jun 2013

    the leggings are reasonably priced, fit well and look good.
    I don't think leggings should go over 10 dollars personally but if you are going to pay upwards of 20.00 they should be good quality and last awhile. These look promising. I am 5'4 so these are a bit long for me but I am not adverse to rolling them a little.

  19. LOVE!!

    Posted by bonnie on 9th May 2013

    I'm 5'8" with very long legs & these fit!!! I love that they come down to my ankles and also come up far enough on my torso that I don't feel like they're falling off. The cotton fabric is very soft & comfortable. I originally just bought one pair to see what they were like. Loved them so much that I ordered more. These are now my go-to leggings

  20. Inconsistent sizing

    Posted by dragonlady on 5th May 2013

    I ordered 2 pair of these cotton leggings, 1 in purple and 1 in teal, both size Small. The purple ones fit perfectly (though a bit long but I'm only 5'2" so I expect that if they aren't a Petite size) but the teal pair are much smaller than the purple pair. It's not worth sending them back really, but I don't know if I will ever want to wear that pair very much. I can get them on, but they are uncomfortably snug. The labels were attached in a different manner in each pair so I'm guessing that 2 different people sewed these.

Leggings and Women's Fashion Size Chart

Leggings Size Chart

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